Our Story

The Wen family has a history of generosity and philanthropy beginning in the 1960s with Puan Sri Wen. Today, WEN Giving under the guidance of Mr Chiu Chi and Mrs Mei Wen is involved in many successful health, education and humanitarian projects in over 10 countries with a focus on Asia. WEN Giving’s mission is to improve and promote the wellbeing and quality of life of those who are less fortunate and disadvantaged.

The support we provide creates, facilitates and implements projects which deliver both immediate and long-term improvements to communities in need. Every project we support meets a strict set of criteria and is run by ethical, transparent and accountable teams.

WEN Giving uses the resources of Hawaiian in Australia and Selangor Properties Berhad in Malaysia to help support its local work. 

Janajagaran Community Model School, Nepal - 2015
The strength and energy to get things done with honesty and integrity.
The knowledge and track record to make a real difference.
A compassionate approach which respects the local community and seeks harmony and engagement.

WEN Giving takes a very active, hands-on role in the initial establishment of its projects. We set clear, measurable goals which can then be replicated and funded by other organisations. Each project aims to become self-supporting after an agreed period of time. This approach helps us achieve sustainable solutions which have a positive and lasting impact on communities. In several countries, we encourage connections between corporate entities and the health industry which often lead to new initiatives making a difference to disadvantaged and impoverished people.

Our Philosophy

WEN Giving believes in improving the quality of life of those in need. Our resources are committed to bring about significant, positive and lasting changes in the communities we touch.

The foundation's current key areas of work include:
eye health
community support
women & children
medical & mental health

Partner with Wen

WEN Giving is an established, proven and reputable organisation with a 40 year history of improving the quality of life of those in need. If you are a philanthropic company or individual, we invite you to partner with us.

WEN Giving is well-connected, respected and firmly entrenched in the global giving community and by sharing our experience and understanding with you, we can help ensure your donation supports a worthwhile, reputable and fully-qualified cause. 

Perth, Western Australia
In Perth, the foundation’s activity is coordinated through key staff out of the Hawaiian team.
The well-established networks and experience of Hawaiian’s management team ensure the
development of the foundations strategy.
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
The foundation’s base is in Kuala Lumpur, the Wen family’s original home.
The team in Malaysia support the long standing networks of the Wen family and those of Selangor Properties Berhad – a listed company whose majority shareholder is the Wen family.
Kathmandu, Nepal
As relationships have grown in Nepal, a locally based team was created to manage relationships and execute the approved strategy. This Nepalese team bring well established networks and local insights that have proven invaluable in ensuring the foundation meets key objectives.