Siliguri Greater Lions Eye Hospital

Siliguri Greater Lions Eye Hospital (SGLEH) is a registered non-profit, non-government premier philanthropic organization in North Bengal. The services rendered by SGLEH are open to all, irrespective of caste, creed, and nationality. Supported by international charity, government departments, local NGOs, and Lions Members, SGLEH provides eye care which is affordable and accessible for the blind and visually impaired of eastern India.

Sight saving work of Siliguri Greater Lions Eye Hospital focuses on bringing quality eye services through its network of tertiary, secondary and primary eye care centres. It invests substantially in upgrading infrastructure, adopting latest technology and building capacity of eye care personnel in Eastern India. Together with its partners, the organization has for the past 35 years, helped protect the eyesight of thousands of people.


Projects with our Partner

Siliguri Greater Lions Eye Vision Centres

Wen Giving Foundation has partnered with Siliguri Greater Lions Eye Hospital to support the establishment of 5 Vision Centres. These Vision Centres will deliver primary eye health ...

Posts with our partners

Siliguri Greater Lions Eye Hospital launch Vision Centre in West Bengal

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Two Vision Centres for West Bengal

Thanks to Wen Giving Foundation, two Vision Centres have opened in the northern part of West Bengal, Eastern India.  These centres are the first of this kind of eye health initiat ...