Sewa Sadan Eye Hospital

Sewa Sadan Eye Hospital (SSEH) was founded by Sant Hirdaram Sahib (spiritual leader) in 1987 at Bhopal in Madhya Pradesh state of India. Sewa Sadan Eye Hospital came into existence in 1987, after the Bhopal Gas tragedy of 1984. Due to this tragedy many people lost their vision and some of them suffered from diseases related to visual impairment and this was the genesis for the establishment of the hospital.

During the next 33 years, SSEH has grown into a truly multi-specialty eye care facility in India with anterior and posterior segment specialty services like Cornea and Cataract; Retina; Glaucoma; Contact lens; Squint, Paediatric Ophthalmology; Oculoplasty; Binocular vision and orthoptics Low Vision. Through a strong network of 21 vision centres in different districts and community outreach activity through 9 districts, this multi-specialty eye hospital is spread across the states of Madhya Pradesh having a total bed capacity of 50. SSEH has seen over 26,02,438 (2.6 million+) outpatients at hospital and camps and conducted over 2,67,883 (0.27 million) surgeries since its inception and has reached 1.4 million people of which over 60% were served free of cost, regardless of complexity of their problems.

Sewa Sadan Eye Hospital is one of the biggest Charitable Trust Hospital in Central India and has been awarded  India’s Highest Eye Care Award in 2018 (Dharamsey Nansey Oman Award for Outstanding High Quality, High Volume Comprehensive Eye Care Service Delivery), and it is the first National Accreditation Board of Hospital’s (NABH) accredited multi-specialty eye hospital in Madhya Pradesh.


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