Wen Giving Foundation supports Women’s Aid Organisation during COVID-19 pandemic

Wen Giving Foundation supports Women’s Aid Organisation during COVID-19 pandemic

As Malaysians stay-at-home during the Movement Control Order to reduce the spread of Covid-19, another crisis has emerged in high numbers. Restrictions on movement which began on 18 March 2020 has led to an increase of domestic violence cases. Women’s Aid Organisation (WAO) has observed a 44% increase in hotline calls and WhatsApp inquiries from February to March 2020.

Victims are stuck at home with their abusers and unable to access support system. They are constantly in an unsafe environment. Survivors who are living independently with their children now are finding it hard to cope financially.

Wen Giving Foundation is extending its hand to help women seek help during this difficult time. Our contribution to WAO will support staff including volunteers who are handling WAO Hotline calls and social work. Aside from case management, Social Workers are also reaching out to former shelter residents to ensure that their basic essentials are sufficient and reminding them on health and hygiene concerns.

WAO has extended their Hotline (+603 7956 3488) and WhatsApp line (+6018 988 8058) to 24 hours during this period. WAO services like counselling and therapy sessions are still available virtually.

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