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Wen Giving Foundation has partnered with leading eye health institutes to embark on ‘Mission Saksham’, a scholarship program run by Mission for Vision providing students with the opportunity to train as Allied Ophthalmic Personnel (AOP). This program addresses the distinct shortage of AOPs in developing countries; a significant barrier to the delivery of eye health services.

Wen Giving Foundation is committed to providing 2000 scholarships to students from socio-economically challenged communities in India. Preference is given to female students with the hope of empowering women with equal access to education and employment opportunities.

This scholarship program will provide candidates with the eye health skills required to work in Vision Centres, Hospitals and Outreach Services, and in-turn achieve economic independence for the scholar and their family. Through this program, these AOPs will deliver quality eye care services to over 5 million people.

AOP trainees at LV Prasad Institute in Hyderabad, India, learning to perform an eye exam.

Current Projects

AOP Training at Vivekananda Mission Asram

Wen Giving Foundation has partnered with Vivekananda Mission Asram to provide scholarships to train 15 female students in a Diploma of Ophthalmic Clinical Assistant. The student ...

Hall of Residence at LV Prasad Eye Institute

Wen Giving Foundation has funded the extension of the Hall of Residence at LV Prasad Eye Institute in Bhubaneswar, Odisha state. The Hall of Residence provides safe and affordable ...

AOP Training at Sankara Eye Foundation

In partnership with Sankara Eye Foundation and Mission for Vision, Wen Giving Foundation has provided training scholarships for 75 Vision Care Technicians at the Sankara Academy of ...