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Eye Health

Millions of people are blind simply because they live in poverty. Globally, 80% of all visual impairment is curable or preventable but without geographic and economic access to quality eye care services, people are forced to live without their sight.

Wen Giving Foundation is committed to curing avoidable blindness by working with on-ground partners to develop training programs, build infrastructure and facilitate outreach services that provide people in need with support that has a sustainable impact.

  • We provide students with scholarships to train as Allied Ophthalmic Personnel
  • We build Vision Centres that are run by our Allied Ophthalmic Personnel and offer affordable eye care services to remote communities
  • Our Vision Centres refer patients to Community Eye Hospitals for comprehensive eye care services and surgical facilities
  • We sponsor Outreach Services to provide hard-to-reach communities with access to quality eye care
  • We support Tertiary Eye Hospitals that offer specialty services and serve as training institutions for our Allied Ophthalmic Personnel scholarships

Wen Giving Foundation Residency Scholar, Dr Bandana Khanal from the Tilganga Institute of Ophthalmology, Nepal.


A significant barrier to the delivery of quality eye care services in developing countries is a shortage of Allied Ophthalmic Personnel. They are vital in providing primary and secondary level eye care to vulnerable communities; levels of eye care where 80% of eye health issues can be identified and resolved.

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