About Us

The Wen family has a history of generosity and philanthropy beginning in the 1960s with its matriarch, Puan Sri Wen. Today, under her mandate, Wen Giving Foundation continues this legacy guided by Mei Wen and her husband Chiu Chi Wen. The foundation is involved in many successful health, education, community and conservation projects, and has a current focus on eye health in the Asia Pacific region.

Wen Giving Foundation’s commitment to eye health has come from more than a decade of working with organisations dedicated to curing avoidable blindness in disadvantaged communities. Seeing the impact of restoring someone’s vision on their life, their family and their community has inspired the foundation to support all levels of eye health. This includes training entry level Allied Ophthalmic Practitioners through to constructing Tertiary Eye Hospitals with world leading partners.

Wen Giving Foundation takes a hands-on role in the projects it supports and ensures that they are run by ethical, transparent and accountable teams on the ground. Special consideration is given to projects that educate and empower young women.

To help support its local work, Wen Giving Foundation uses the resources of Hawaiian in Australia and Selangor Properties in Malaysia.

L-R: Seng Fu Wen, Chiu Chi Wen, Mei Wen and Seng Pau Wen at the inauguration of the Bhutan Eye Hospital.

The Wen Family also support projects in the areas of education, community support, women & children, and medical & mental health.

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