Many millions of people are blind simply because they live in poverty

Wen Giving Foundation’s mission is to improve the quality of life of those in need.

We are focused on solutions that restore the sight of disadvantaged people suffering with preventable blindness. We do this by partnering with leading eye health institutions to deliver a wide spectrum of quality eye health care services in developing countries. We are committed to building vital infrastructure to serve communities in need and empowering young women with the training required to deliver eye health services.

Improving eye health through


Vision Centres

Outreach Services

Vision Hubs

Community Eye Hospitals

COE & Tertiary Eye Hospitals

Our Goals

Wen Giving Foundation is committed to training 2,000 Allied Ophthalmic Personnel by 2025

Wen Giving Foundation is committed to opening 200 Vision Centres by 2025

By participating in 13+ Infrastructure Projects, Wen Giving Foundation supports the Eye Health of over 20 million people

Latest News

Wen Giving Foundation provides PPE to frontline staff during COVID-19 pandemic

Wen Giving Foundation is working with Mission for Vision to provide Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to frontline staff working in our Vision Centres and Hospitals in India duri ...

Wen Giving Foundation supports Women’s Aid Organisation during COVID-19 pandemic

As Malaysians stay-at-home during the Movement Control Order to reduce the spread of Covid-19, another crisis has emerged in high numbers. Restrictions on movement which began on 1 ...

Hawaiian are providing care packs to support locals in need during COVID-19

We’re living in difficult times, brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic and many people are struggling in the community. In Western Australia, Wen Giving Foundation are using the re ...

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